Airbrush Tanning by Mystic Sol

Mystic Sol Master Certified Airbrush Artist

Amy, a certified Master airbrush artist, has refined her skills in airbrush techniques, full body contouring, and fitness competition tans since 2019. She is committed to providing her clients with an unparalleled pampered experience.

Each client will receive: 

1 on 1 Consulting to find your Perfect Color

pH Prep Spray

Full Body Spray with Express Solution

Full Body Hydration Treatment 

Full Body Powdering

You can Add-On below items for an additional fee:

Mini or Full Body Contouring

Tan Line Correction

Scent or CBD

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Airbrush Prep & After Care Tips

Sirens of Fort Morgan

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 Express Airbrush Tans

Start with a quick consultation with our certified master airbrush artist. We then offer a range of one-of-a-kind Mystical specialties, including a prep spray, a full-body custom express tan, and a hydrating post-spray treatment. To protect against skin-to-skin contact during development, we finish with a full-body powder using our custom-made powder. The result is a flawless, glowing tan that lasts 5-10 days. With the ability to rinse off after 2-8 hours.

Contoured Airbrush Tans

contour airbrush tan is an advanced spray tan technique that accentuates your natural body features. Our certified contour airbrush artist applies the spray tan solution to create shadows, adding dimension and enhancing muscle definition. The result is a more sculpted appearance. Clients have the option of a mini contour session, where they can choose three specific body parts for contouring, or they can opt for a full-body contouring tan

Fitness Competition Tans

A fitness competition tan is a specialized spray tan designed for fitness and bodybuilding competitions. It is specifically formulated to wash off easily and appear very dark on stage. The dark tan enhances muscle definition, creating a striking visual impact on stage. The goal is to achieve a rich, deep tan that highlights muscle contours. Our Certified Competition artist has tanned multiple athletes on the World Stage! We know exactly what you need to make a first-place impression at your competition!