Skin Care

We are pleased to offer skin care products for sunbed tanning and sunless products for spray tanning. We have a wide variety of tanning lotions from brands like Devoted Creations, Sunstyle, Stream2Sea & Makeup Erasers.

Tanning lotions and Sunless products are specifically designed to not only help you achieve darker, longer-lasting color but also to nourish your skin.

Ask our Tanning Consultant on which skincare product would be best for you!

DHA Bronzers are tanning lotions that deliver instant color while you develop your tan. This ingredient, also found in spray tan products, provides a color that can lasts for several days without washing off.

Cosmetic bronzers provide instant “tanned” effects that can be washed off.

A natural bronzer provides a subtle and realistic tan, enhancing your skin’s natural color without the use of DHA. It’s ideal for achieving that “sun-kissed” glow, perfect for beginners working on their base tan.

Ideal for beginners and those looking to overcome a tanning plateau, these products assist in establishing a foundational tan. They moisturize the skin and stimulate melanin production, which helps in attaining a deeper tan more quickly. The better hydrated your skin, the longer your tan will persist. Additionally, all our DHA & Natural Bronzers contain accelerators.