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With sunless spray tanning, you get natural-looking results perfectly matched to your skin tone with just one visit.

A sunless spray tan is a completely cosmetic tan and does not provide protection from the sun’s rays. We also recommend not to spray tan on a rainy day. Visit Island Tan for more details!

At Island Tan, our Mystic Tan spray booth is an authentic Mystic Tan Innovation 5000 spray booth. This UV- free tanning booth is perfect for those who want an “instant tan” or for those who are unable to or prefer not to, tan in conventional tanning units. We only use Authentic Mystic Tan Tanning Myst so that our customers get the absolute best in sunless tanning!

What is Mystic Tan?

The Mystic Tan™ booth is a private, self-contained system that employs a patented revolutionary spray-on process to apply a uniform amount of Mystic Tan Tanning Myst to the entire body in just seconds. When the tanning session is complete, the consumer simply steps out of the booth, towels-off any excess mist, dresses, and exits. The result is a uniform, natural-looking tan in under five minutes.

What is MagneTan Technology?

MagneTan application technology is Mystic’s patented process that uses the human body’s own magnetic properties to attract Mystic Tan Tanning Myst to every exposed area of the skin. When the special Mystic Tan™ tanning solution passes through the booths spray nozzles, the particles of solution are polarized, taking on the characteristics of “tiny magnets”. These particles adhere evenly, and in a precise uniform amount to the exposed skin to create a smooth, even, golden brown tan.

How long do I have to wait after a tanning session before I can shower?

We recommend that you wait a minimum of 4 hours after tanning to give the DHA enough time to fully set. If you shower earlier, you may diminish the intensity of the tan. When you do shower the initial tan created by the water-soluble bronzer will wash off, but the DHA will remain and create your long-term tan.

What should I wear in the tanning booth?

Most people do not wear anything. The room is completely private and if you would like to tan in the nude it is perfectly acceptable. However, if you do wear a bathing suit, underwear, or anything else, please be aware that whatever you wear may be stained. The bronzer we use for your initial color is water-soluble and should wash out of anything you wear, but the DHA applied may cause permanent stains on any clothing you may wear inside the booth.

Do I need to cover my hair while tanning in the Mystic Tan tanning booth?

Many consumers wear disposable shower caps (provided by the Salon) to keep the solution from getting in their hair. Other consumers tan without covering their hair. The solution will not penetrate the hair follicles.

Has anyone had an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in the Mystic Tan tanning solution?

All of the components of the Mystic Tan tanning solution have been used in cosmetics and food products for decades and have proven to be safe for use on the skin. If you have had previous allergic reactions to self-tanning lotions or cosmetics you may want to do a “patch test” by putting a small amount of the Mystic Tan solution on a small area of the skin to test for possible reactions.

Do I need to hold my breath during the tanning session?

We recommend that you hold your breath during the actual misting process, which lasts 12 to 18 seconds. We make this recommendation because most individuals would prefer not to breathe in the mist, even though there is nothing in it that would cause any harm if you did breathe it in. If you have a history of asthma or other respiratory illnesses we do not recommend that you tan in the Mystic Tan™ tanning booth until consulting with your physician.

Are there ways to enhance the Mystic Tan results?

Yes, applying a water-based moisturizer prior to tanning helps the skin absorb the Mystic Tan tanning solution. Using a moisturizer frequently will help the tan last longer. Mystic Tan has several products that are specially formulated for Sunless Tanning. Our salon stocks many Mystic Tan products designed to prolong, protect and enhance your sunless tanning experience.

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